About me


My name is ALI MUFTI and among my close family, they called me MASUTI as nick name when i was childhood. Finally I choose MASUTI PHOTOGRAPHY as the name and trade mark of my works.

Masuti photography website is online portfolio to Ali Mufti, owner and founder of Masuti Photography.

My passion in photography bring me to travel in different culture, ideology and status. Photojournalism is one of my favorite genre, so the collection of my photograph mostly is about life and documentary. Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
The first introduction to photography was at school in 1993, although only with a pocket camera at the time. By 2006 I decided to make photography seriously and haven't looked back ever since.
I don't have formal education in photography, I learn what I know by doing it and reading as much as I can from whatever sources available and accessible to me, as well as discussion with friends, who have similar interests in photography.

I am contributor to several Stock Photo Agencies such as:

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How do i charge?

It is depend on you needs , expectations and budget therefore i believe its best that we meet, get to know each other first, discuss your requirements, wants and don’t wants, concerns, etc. Feel free to contact me for any inquiry regarding my service. I will reply your inquiry as soon as possible.

I am Ready for any assigment, anytime, any where.